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Vaccine rollout details  Many vaccine appointments in August/September are being cancelled for rebooking to sooner dates. You may receive a phone call directing you to rebook using either the provincial or local booking systems.  Electronic Vaccine Receipt   Cancel/Reschedule Vaccine Appointment   Vaccine Booking FAQ

Ontario entered Step Three of the Roadmap to Reopen on Friday, July 16, at 12:01 a.m. Grey Bruce is entering a modified Step 3. For details, review this media release and this guidance document: Guidance for Modified Step 3 in Grey Bruce, along with these memos: Memo for Restaurants - Modified Step 3Memo To PSS - Modified Step 3Modified Step 3 Long-Term Care Home Memo July 16, 2021.

Note: Sexual health clinics are closed for the month of July. If you require urgent assistance including birth control prescriptions, go to nearest emergency room. For a supply of condoms, visit our office during regular hours

2012 Solutions for Active Transportation Forum



Grey Bruce Healthy Communities Partnership



The Grey Bruce Healthy Communities Partnership is a partnership of over 25 community groups, citizens and leaders.  We promote policies and other actions that will make it easier for people in Grey and Bruce Counties to live a healthy life.

We are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport’s Healthy Communities Fund, Partnership Stream to improve health outcomes through the development of healthy public policies.

In 2010, we were asked by the Ministry to determine recommended local actions to address the following six priorities:

  • Physical Activity, Recreation and Sport
  • Injury Prevention
  • Healthy Eating
  • Tobacco Use/Exposure
  • Substance & Alcohol Misuse
  • Mental Health Promotion
  • HC Framework - 2011-2012  PDF

Over the past year, the Grey Bruce Healthy Communities Partnership conducted a community assessment and consultation process in order to identify strategic program and/or policy priorities across the six key priority areas. Recommended actions were identified and focus placed on particular policy actions and activities. 

For more information on the policy priorities and recommended actions see: HCP Community Picture

Executive Summary Feb 15 2011  PDF

The Grey Bruce Communities Partnership meets monthly to foster development of the Partnerhip and policy priorities.  Membership continues to evolve.  To support the engagement process of the broader community status reports are prepared and circulated.

Developing healthy public policies is the shared responsibility of individuals, communities, the private sector and governments.  Health organizations and community organizations need to work together to understand the key determinants affecting the health of the community and develop healthy public policies accordingly. 



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