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Vaccine rollout details The Owen Sound COVID-19 Vaccine Hub is now located at the Julie McArthur Regional Recreation Centre in Owen Sound.

Stay home unless for essential reasons. Effective Thursday, April 8th (Updated April 17th) the Government on Ontario has issued a STAY AT HOME ORDER and enhanced public health shutdown measures. Workplace shutdown details.

Public Health is the lead in all outbreaks and case management. Public Health will contact you if you have had close contact with someone who has COVID-19, based on a thorough risk assessment completed only by Public Health.

About the Provincial Booking System


Step 1: Review the list of groups eligible to schedule an appointment using the Provincial Booking System

  • People from Phase 1, including healthcare workers, residents and staff in care homes and group living and chronic home health care recipients.
  • First Nations, Inuit and Métis individuals
  • People who are 50 years of age or older in 2021 (born in 1971 or earlier)
  • Individuals with Highest Risk Health Conditions and Caregivers
  • Individuals with At-Risk Health Conditions beginning May 11th
  • Group One of people who cannot work from home
  • Group Two of people who cannot work from home beginning May 11th


If you have a confirmed appointment through your health care provider or a pharmacy, you do not need to book another appointment.

If you are not part of the current eligible group, please do not try to book an appointment yet.


Step 2: If you are part of this eligible group, book an appointment online or by phone:


By Phone: Call the Provincial number: 1-888-999-6488


Note: If clinics are not viewable in the provincial booking system, it means there are no appointments currently available. Clinics are taking place, however doses may be booked completely. Please check back later as more clinics will be uploaded.


Select pharmacies and primary care settings are booking appointments for eligible people. Primary care providers will contact those who are eligible. Find out more about participating pharmacies and how to make an appointment here: COVID-19 pharmacy vaccine locations (


FAQ for Booking COVID-19 Vaccine and More

  • Remaining elementary and secondary school workers (including educators, custodial, school bus drivers, administrative staff)
  • Workers responding to critical events (including police, fire, special constables, children’s aid society workers, emergency management, critical infrastructure restoration workers)
  • Enforcement, inspection and compliance roles (including by-law enforcement, building inspectors, food inspectors, animal welfare inspectors, border inspection officers, labour inspectors, WSIB field workers)
  • Remaining individuals working in licensed childcare settings (including all licensees, employees and students on educational placements who interact directly with children in licensed childcare centres and in authorized recreation and skill building programs, licensed home child care and in-home service providers, employees of home child care agencies)
  • Foster care agenda workers (including customary care providers)
  • Food manufacturing and distribution workers
  • Agriculture and farm workers
  • Funeral, crematorium and cemetery workers

Highest risk

  • Organ transplant recipients
  • Hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients (bone marrow transplant)
  • Neurological diseases that impact breathing (for example, motor neuron disease, myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis)
  • Haematological malignancy diagnosed within the last year
  • Kidney disease with estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) under 30
  • Pregnancy
  • One essential caregiver for individuals with the conditions in this category who require regular and sustained assistance with personal care or activities of daily living

High risk

  • Obesity (BMI over 40)
  • Other treatments causing immunosuppression (for example, chemotherapy, immunity-weakening medications)
  • Intellectual or developmental disabilities (for example, Down Syndrome)
  • One essential caregiver for individuals with the conditions in this category who require regular and sustained assistance with personal care or activities of daily living

Book Online: Visit

Book by phone: Call the Provincial Vaccine Information Line at 1-888-999-6488.

  • This line is available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days a week. Information is available in more than 300 languages. You can use this number if you have issues booking online, are not eligible to book online (for example, if you do not have a photo health card) or prefer to schedule an appointment by phone.
  • If after attempting to use the provincial telephone booking system, your issue is still not resolved, email They will assess you eligibility, and let you know if booking is possible at this time. They will not be able to resolve any issues related to the booking system as it is provincial, not controlled by the Grey Bruce Heath Unit
  • If you are not able to email, call the Grey Bruce Health Unit at 519-376-9420 ext. 3000.

Our website will be kept up to date with who is currently eligible to book their appointment. We will also use our local media to help us share this information. Please check regularly to see if it is your turn to book your appointment. Paid advertisements via social media will also be used to announce to the public.  Please follow us at our social media accounts

Anyone looking for more information on the COVID-19 vaccine, as it relates to his or her personal health situation is encouraged to discuss this with his or her doctor. Anyone who fits into one of the following special patient groups should speak with their doctor ahead of booking their appointment to ensure the vaccine is right for them:

  • Those who are pregnant
  • Those who have autoimmune conditions or are immunocompromised (due to disease or treatment)
  • Those who have had a severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis to a previous dose of a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine or to any of its components.
  • If you have any questions about your health condition and are concerned about getting the vaccine, you must talk to your primary care provider about this directly. Public Health will not give individual clinical guidance on this decision.  You must talk to you provider about these concerns.

You can review vaccination recommendations for special populations for more information. COVID-19 Vaccination Recommendations for Special Populations (

Visit the About COVID-19 Vaccines ( webpage to learn more about COVID-19 vaccines.

  • Grey Bruce Health Unit Vaccine Information Line (toll-free) 1-833-421-1999, hours are Monday to Friday: 8 am – 7 pm; Saturday and Sunday 8 am to 4 pm. (Grey Bruce Community Connections)
  • Provincial Vaccine Information Line: 1-888-999-6488; Hours of Operation - 8AM-8PM, Monday-Sunday (Provincial Telephone Info Line)

Grey Bruce Health Unit is using the provincial online booking tool and provincial call centre for eligible group. The Grey Bruce Health Unit is also using a local booking system to schedule appointments for other eligible groups not captured by the provincial system. Other health units may have their own local approach. vaccine will act as the central point for individuals to access the information and support they need to book an appointment. All eligible individuals will be guided to the appropriate provincial booking tools or to their local public health unit if they are living in a public health unit using its own booking system.

We have developed a local booking system to use in conjunction with the provincial system for those that fall in to priority groups. If you meet the eligibility to book with the provincial system, please use that system.

Select pharmacies and primary care settings are booking appointments for eligible people. Primary care providers will contact those who are eligible. Find out more about participating pharmacies and how to make an appointment here: COVID-19 pharmacy vaccine locations (

  • If possible, please call 211 to see if there are services available to get you to a clinic
  • If no ability for this, please email COVID-19 Vaccine for assistance in coordinating a home visit to get your vaccine
  • If no access to an email, please call 519-376-9420 ext. 3000 and they can email the COVID-19 vaccine line on your behalf.
  • Please note, the availability of home visits to administer the vaccine may be limited, therefore you may have to wait.
  • We will continue to provide mobile clinics where needed.
  • Pharmacy and Primary Care will also vaccinate when the supply of vaccine allows.
  • To know what clinic locations are currently available, please click here:

Appointments are only made available for a period of 1-4 weeks, depending on confirmed dose allocations. The supply of vaccine may warrant cancellation of clinics with little notice.

If the provincial booking system does not have clinic appointments available, please check back regularly. Additional clinics will be added as quantity of vaccine allows.

No – simply book online or via telephone.

No. Individuals can book vaccine appointment anywhere in Ontario. It is encouraged that you book your appointment within Grey and Bruce if you live here, but this is not a hard rule. Individuals should not be travelling from one public health unit region to another to receive their vaccines. Individuals should ideally get their vaccination within their public health region to help manage vaccine allocations.

To book online through the provincial online vaccine booking system you must:

  • meet the current eligibility criteria
  • Yes, you can book an appointment online or via telephone on their behalf. You will need all of their information, including the information on the front and back of their Health Card. They must also be in the eligible group that is being vaccinated at the current time.

If this is the case, it is best to use the telephone booking system to avoid challenges.

You do not need an Ontario health card to receive the vaccine.

Individuals with no health card will be asked to email the Health Unit at If you are not able to email, call 519-376-9420 ext. 3000. We will validate your identity. Once your identity and eligibility are confirmed, the public health unit will provide you with a booking ID which can then be used to book an appointment online using the provincial booking tool, or through the call centre.

The provincial booking tool requires the green photo health (OHIP) card as a form of authentication when booking. Both the numbers on the front and back of the card are required. An expired health card can be used to create a vaccination appointment through this online tool. Individuals who have a red and white health card will need to call the provincial call centre to book their appointment. If they are not able to book, please email the Health Unit at to arrange for scheduling.

Once you have booked an appointment, if you do not have an Ontario health card, you may still get the COVID-19 vaccine using a different type of government-issued identification.

Other forms of identification may include a:

  • Birth certificate
  • First Nations ID
  • passport
  • MRN (medical record number)
  • driver’s license
  • out of province ID

Yes, you cannot book online with the red and white health card. You must call to book your appointment.  You can use the Green and White photo Health Card to book online or by phone.

To book using a red and white health card, call 1-888-999-6488; Hours of Operation - 8AM-8PM, Monday-Sunday (Provincial Telephone Info Line) to manage health card issues.

Once the appointments are booked, booking details and a confirmation code will be provided through email or by text (SMS). An appointment reminder will also be sent via email or SMS closer to date of the appointment.

If you do not have email address or SMS capability on your mobile phone, you will not get a reminder.

  • Check your spam/junk email folder as it is common for this to occur.
  • If you still cannot find it, you will have to call the Provincial Vaccine Information Line at 1-888-999-6488.

If you booked your appointment online, you will receive an email with the details of your appointment. If you booked your appointment by phone or are having trouble locating this information, you can call the Provincial Vaccine Information Line at 1-888-999-6488.

You will receive an electronic receipt. You will not receive a paper receipt at this time.

If you scheduled an appointment through the provincial online vaccine booking system, you can reschedule or cancel.

Change your appointment:

  • online – go to the confirmation email you got when you booked and follow the instructions
  • by calling 1-888-999-6488; Hours of Operation - 8AM-8PM, Monday-Sunday (Provincial Telephone Info Line)
    • You will need your:
    • health card (information on front and back)
    • postal code


Cancel your appointment:

  • by calling 1-888-999-6488; Hours of Operation - 8AM-8PM, Monday-Sunday (Provincial Telephone Info Line)


If, after using the telephone booking system, your issue is still not resolved, email If no access to email, call the Grey Bruce Health Unit at 519-376-9420 ext. 3000.

You will have to call the provincial telephone booking system to resolve this issue. 1-888-999-6488

The personal information collected through the provincial booking tool will be name, health card number, postal code, email address and/or phone number.

The data being collected will be used by the Ministry of Health to support and inform the effective rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine program. Data will be stored in a secure government platform called COVaxON.

Any reports or findings that are shared publicly will be combined with information from many other people and all personal or identifying information (i.e., information that could identify your own answers) will be completely removed.

Collecting the data will help the province have a more complete picture of who is being vaccinated and will help the government better understand COVID-19 vaccine uptake across the province. These data will help to address any gaps in access to vaccinations and ensure an equitable and effective rollout of the vaccine, especially for communities that are at-risk and disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. It will help us ensure that we are reaching everyone who wants to be vaccinated.

The current age based booking system in Grey and Bruce uses the provincial booking system.  Issues with that system are not managed locally. Please wait for an announcement for the issues to be resolved, and keep checking back to see if the site and/or phone number are now operational.

  • Use the telephone booking system and let the clerk know that you live in Grey Bruce and you want to attend a Grey Bruce Clinic
  • You are able to book with another health unit as well, if that option is closer or more suitable for you
  • We are working with the province to address this challenge for our residents.
  • It is caused by postal codes crossing county boundaries.  For instance, Lucknow (Grey Bruce) postal code is the same as the postal code on the Huron Perth side of the road, hence, the system identifies that postal code with Huron-Perth, not Grey Bruce.

Yes, upon arrival to the parking lot, please ask the parking attendant and they will provide you with a mobility aid.

Yes. One person can accompany a client to their appointment if they need assistance. Everyone needs to ensure they are following public health measures. Please follow the signage at the vaccination centre.

Most people should receive their second dose of COVID-19 vaccine 16 weeks after they received their first dose. This can be scheduled in a window 5 days before or 5 days after the 16 weeks.

There are limited exceptions to the 16 week interval. Individuals with highest and high risk health conditions are NOT necessarily eligible for a shortened second dose interval.


Individuals who are eligible for a shortened interval of 21-28 days are:

  • Residents of long-term care homes, retirement homes, Elder Care Lodges and  Assisted Living facilities who are at the greatest risk of both exposure to COVID-19 and serious illness and death; and,
  • First Nation communities and First Nation individuals living outside of First Nation Communities.
  • Individuals with certain health conditions based on Ministry of Health Guidance. At this time, these are limited to:
    • Transplant recipients (organ or hematopoietic stem cell)
    • Individuals with malignant hematologic disorders and non-hematologic malignant solid tumors receiving active treatment (chemotherapy, targeted therapies, immunotherapy), excluding individuals receiving solely hormonal therapy or radiation therapy


In general, you should book your second dose appointment in the same way that you scheduled your first dose. If you received your first dose through your primary care provider, please await further guidance. 

Anyone booking a first dose appointment through the provincial booking system will also automatically book a second dose appointment.

To book a second dose appointment through our local booking system, appointments will only be viewable two weeks prior to the clinic taking place. Specific second dose clinics will be labelled as Moderna or Pfizer, the second vaccine must be the same brand as the first. Please note the type of vaccine that you get and the date that you are eligible for your second dose. If you require assistance, please email


  • The provincial booking system does not currently allow a user to book single appointments. This means that those who had a first vaccination appointment that was not scheduled in the provincial booking tool will not be able to book their second vaccination appointment in the system. As new one-dose vaccines become available, the system will accommodate.
  • Public health units will continue using their existing process and / or system to manage second vaccination appointments for individuals who have already received their first dose.
  • Please call the health unit for advice on scheduling you appointment
  • You do not need a registration form to book a vaccine appointment using the provincial system.
  • Your health care provider may request that you complete a registration or consent form, or you may be asked to complete one if are in a group outside of the age range.  If you are told you require a registration form, please email
  • If no access to email, call the Grey Bruce Health Unit at 519-376-9420 ext. 3000.
  • Yes. You will not be able to book an appointment unless you are eligible.
  • When you arrive for your appointment, please bring proof as identified above so that we can confirm whom you are and that you are part of a priority group.
  • No, if you are offered a vaccine that is approved for your age group, it is best to be vaccinated as soon as possible to reduce your risk of serious illness. Anyone looking for more information on the COVID-19 vaccine, as it relates to his or her personal health situation is encouraged to discuss this with his or her doctor. Some health conditions should be discussed with your doctor.

You will get the vaccine that is available that day at the clinic, unless you have a specific medical reason to require one. This must be disclosed while booking your appointment.

  • Yes. Until a vaccine is widely available and a large percentage of the population becomes immune to COVID-19, we all have to continue to follow public health measures and rules for our region and continue to take everyday actions to help stop the spread of the virus. Why?
    • While the vaccine(s) offers protection against COVID-19, there is not sufficient data yet on prevention of transmission.
    • It takes time for a vaccine to develop its protective effects (i.e. a month or longer).
    • We are still experiencing high COVID-19 infection rates, which has placed intense strain on our hospitals and health systems, as well as the health care workers who have been on the front lines of this crisis for many months.
    • Not everyone will get the vaccine, meaning there will still be a risk of transmission.
    • For more information: About COVID-19 Vaccines (
  • For these reasons it is important that everyone, including those who have been vaccinated, continue to physical distance, wear a mask when we can, and wash/sanitize our hands frequently.

If you received a COVID-19 vaccine, but did not get a receipt in electronic or paper format, please email or call 1-800-263-3456 or 519-376-9420 ext. 3000 to request one.

  • Essential and critical retail workers (including grocery, foodbank and non-clinical pharmacy workers, ServiceOntario workers, ServiceCanada and Passport Canada workers, wholesalers and general goods, restaurant workers, LCBO)
  • Workers in manufacturing industries directly involved in supporting the COVID19 response, construction including infrastructure, and other essential businesses and services where facilities are at heightened risk for COVID-19 outbreaks and spread.
  • Social workers and other social services staff providing in-person client services (including youth justice workers, OW and ODSP case workers)
  • Courts and justice system workers (including probation and parole workers)
  • Transportation, warehousing and distribution workers (including public transit workers, taxi drivers, truck drivers supporting essential services, marine and rail cargo and maintenance, highway maintenance)
  • Electricity (including workers employed in system operations, generation, transmission, distribution and storage).
  • Communications infrastructure workers (including cellular, satellite, landline, internet, public safety radio)
  • Water and wastewater management workers
  • Financial services workers (bank branch staff)
  • Veterinarians and veterinary teams
  • Waste management workers
  • Oil and petroleum workers (including those working in petroleum refineries; those involved in the storage, transmission and distribution of crude oil and petroleum products and those needed for the retail sale of fuel).
  • Natural gas and propane gas workers (including those working in the compression, storage, transmission and distribution of natural gas and propane)
  • Mine workers (including those needed to ensure the continued operation of active mines)
  • Uranium processing workers (those working in the refining and conversion of uranium, and fabrication of fuel for nuclear power plants).
  • Frontline workers are those that hold public-facing roles or must work inperson with other workers in their workplace in order to deliver essential goods or services and where protective measures such as maintaining a physical distance of 2m from others are not always possible.
  • Includes frontline workers providing response to time-critical service disruptions and preventive maintenance.
  • Does not include any workers that are mostly working from home or virtually.
  • Includes workers that may be working part-time or reduced hours. 
  • Includes workers that may be volunteers, learners, and third-party workers regularly working in the setting (e.g., agency workers, other third-party workers)
  • Includes workers who are actively in their roles at the time of planned or anticipated vaccination. Workers that have been redeployed should be considered based on their place of work or role at the time of planned or anticipated vaccination.
  • Note: PHUs upon consultation with the Ministry of Health and other relevant Ministries may identify additional workers who cannot work from home in essential and critical services based on local data and context.

The list of health conditions is not exhaustive. Health care practitioners will use their best medical judgement to vaccinate patients with health conditions not listed (e.g., rare diseases) that may put them at similar or greater risk to listed conditions.

At-Risk Health Conditions:

  • Immune deficiencies/autoimmune disorders
  • Stroke/cerebrovascular disease
  • Dementia
  • Diabetes
  • Liver disease
  • All other cancers
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Spleen problems (e.g., asplenia)
  • Heart disease
  • Hypertension with end organ damage 
  • Diagnosis of mental disorder
  • Substance use disorders
  • Sickle Cell Disease
  • Thalassemia
  • Immunocompromising health conditions
  • Other disabilities requiring direct support care in the community

Yes, people who are 16 or 17 years old at the time of vaccination can receive a COVID-19 vaccine when they are eligible. Clients in this age group must book using our local booking system, as the provincial system can not book appointments for those in this age group at this time. As usual, clinics will be added to the local booking system as dose allocation allows. Each scheduled clinic will have an allocation of Pfizer vaccine to accommodate clients in this age group.


General Vaccine Information Phone Line:

For more information about Vaccines in Ontario, please call the Provincial Vaccine Information Line: 1-888-999-6488; Hours of Operation: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., Monday-Sunday.


Disclaimer info:

Clinics are by appointment only. Eligibility is based on the current priority populations determined by the Provincial framework. If you are not part of the current eligible groups, you will not be able to book an appointment. Visit Getting a COVID-19 vaccine in Ontario | COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Ontario for more information.


Privacy Disclaimer:

When you register for a vaccine appointment, the personal health information and contact information that you provide will be stored in a health record system maintained by the Ontario Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health, agents of the Ministry, and Ontario Public Health Units may access this system to collect your information and may use and disclose your information for the purpose of COVID-19 vaccine administration, to research, investigate, eliminate, or reduce the current COVID-19 outbreak risk, and as otherwise permitted or required by law.

For more information about Grey Bruce Health Unit or the Ministry of Health’s privacy practices can be viewed on the respective websites , or contact Grey Bruce Health Unit directly at 519-376-9420.

If you are entering information on behalf of someone else, you must be authorized to do so.



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